Global Greenz 2

by Aaron Greenz

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A display of the Lyrical Diversity of Aaron Greenz, the Truth and the Super Lyricist.


released October 26, 2010

Produced by many, performed by Aaron Greenz



all rights reserved


Aaron Greenz Sacramento, California

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Track Name: G'd Up
G Give ya what I got what you want cuz you know that I got it
Melodic hypnotic quick talkin my rhyme is so cronic neurotic
R Repsects what I give when I see it's due plutonic
Chaotic neumonic often drop hotness that's robotic ironic
E Egerly engauged in the process but I'm cautious no nonsense
Not obnoxious just constant lyrical like vomit shot from my jaw when I'm nauseous
E Everytime I rhyme I get comments like "Aw Shit!" man I'm honest
Holocostic periodic round of applaus droppin jaws and poppin eye sockets
N Neutrally minded so I stock lots of not-a-thing off in my pocket
The toxic philosophic prophet causin strong illusions to your octave stop it
Z Zen is my feeing and really I'm great with a calmness
I'm never a novice perposterous I'm launchin lyrical rockets off quick so watch it
Ah suki suki now I got more powers than austin
Precognative options floppin around off in my conscious
Til exhaustion locks in knockin me out like an oxycotton
Softent the octave and shock ya with some flawed collauge mirages
Misted but then the fog lifts
Rhythmic my lyrics flawless
Gifted and in an instant my lip flip tricks bionic analogous
Get this but then ya lost it
Quick shifts like in a moshpit
Mystic convince misfits to go ballistic I'm he shiznit promise
Soothin like a throat lausenge I offer ya guidence like a thomas
Rausin smoothness misconstrued for being rude modest and pompas
Way to hot to be frosted straight paralel like a rhombus
Accomplish anything I want what a stunt I've opened every door like I'm a friggin locksmith
Track Name: Sneak Preview
Just writin my favorite pass time
My lyrics more explosive on contact than land mines
Ya can't find a man like me that can rhyme
So clean it leaves ya in stuck mode... like stand by
Waitin ta discover what i put up in the last line
I do it like none other i'm obvious and cat like
Stealthy undercover my lyrical hand might
Hit ya like a slugger and knock ya back ta yer past life
That's right even though i'm not a bad guy
I'm the type ta bring some poisionous darts to a bat fight
Raisin up so cold i'm frozen like i'm a stalagmite
You'll probably be shown i'm prone ta blow like a bag-pipe
If ya don't act right ya might get givin a black eye
Not by me though cuz i'm as spiritual as a rabbi
The moderator of neuclear reactors made of graphite
I don't need ta cuss ya out man i'll just give ya tha hand sign

We're two differant mites... you're a term and i'm dino
I know your style can only move in idle
Mine has the title of giant like the towers of eifel
When i Touch it the mic glows ta light up yes it's liable
Comein at it with masive talent lip throwin high blows
I've finaly had it with rap its only good fer side shows
But still like magic i'm rappin sylAHbles of nito
Put the emPHAsis wrongly and happened to make it vital
I'm cold like genics of cryo leave ya like oh my oh my oh
Greenz's recital got his eyes super -Ated and dial-
I don't try so it comes nat-u-ral and un-stifled
I leave ya more confused than a gay guy tryin on a bi-cycle
My ambiguity has ya in Ohio headin west like Fivel
But upon arrival while expected not ya find it's tribal
It's open for interpretation like the origins of Tae Bo
I'm The Shit and i'm Bio RIT-EE ta prio furturistic and primal
Track Name: Be A Titan
Openin my thrid eye Flyin above the earth high
Lyricly i'm curb side Inteligent at birth right
Succeed on the first try Come at the best and worst time
On a mission of vision ta straighten out and work minds
So i gotta proclaim Mainstreem is so lame
All ya hear em rap about is the same old thangs
Slangin rock cocain Seems they got no brains
They must have been huffin stuff like gasoline and propane
Woe wait maybe you don't agree
Maybe you don't believe Maybe and hopefully
Eyes are now opening Following wont relieve
Don't be the host of kings No one's the coach of me
My only goal is to finaly be enlightend
I wanna bring you with me so don't be frightened
Quit fussin and tryin ta be cool you're invited
Ta elevate your mind and be a mental giant titan

Be a titan Stand the damn up
Be a titan Throw a tantrum
Be a titan Repramandum
Be a titan And not a phantom

I'm sick of one syllable rappers that are only fake show
Actin like they are the shit or angles wearin halo's
Selfishly concerned soley about makin their paseos
They're unintelligent it's obvious so it's a case closed
Outta the park rhymes Jose Conseico
Always with hard lines Made over Macco
Lyrical archive Makin ya K.O.
Wet but i'm hard dry Same as with playdo
I hope i'm makein ya think and makin your brain glow
I float while shakin the sink and fakin like J-Lo
I tokein payments on weed abrasive i'm wedo
I show I greaten when weak by savin my a hole
Verbal con caso Ya heard what i say so
Keep perchin your face closed Reverbin the bass tones
An urban i'm faithfull I'm furtile like rainbows
Put curv ta a straight throw Inverted like legos


Drop your jaws like dominos
Must do what's impossible
Tock tick clockin opticals
Strut my stuff through obstikals
Two views then i cross the road
Need not speak of hospitles
Lock the door cuz here i go lyrical guns that lock and load
Say it all then talk no more
Bang your head like rock and roll
Bring it blingin hot and cold
Thinkin you could stop it no
Sweat left droppin off yer nose
But you cold like popsicles
Commicle cosmicle flows that get ya poppin on the floor
Thought it'd stop i got some more
Smokin potes and Marlboro's
Keep on seekin pot ta blow
When i'm high i rock the boat
I don't know alot of hoes
Something i aint gotta know
Chalked in gold i pop the flow some shit that just aint clausable
Slightly unconventional
And my folk I bet ya know
My flow is so commendable
Phonetics so impecable
May need you some medical
Steamin like a vegetable
Incredible edible metaphoes are greenz's penicle
Gettin paid like check and go
Office state or federal
Never speak in general
Grab a hold like tenticles
Dirtyer than mexico
Shocking and electrical
Infectable rentable verses so that are over credible
Immoral so i'm ethical
I talk like a professional
Caring even sensual
I think that that is credible
Lyricly i'm flexible
And always stayin technical
Dependable lendable flows delivered HOW? intentional


I feel that i am infinit I don't need ta split ya lip
Just kikin it with flips and vits the up and runnin vindicit
Isn't this the ish ya get from mixin it so intricate
Ya diggin it articulate when I open up my vicous lips
Visits to thoughts ya think are constantly just obsolete
Uniqely i speak lyricly rich like i won the lottery
Sculpted like i'm pottery and so you can try ta call me week
I'm gurantein i'm seein the things you talk is cheap
Say you rich but walk the streets getin payed to off and leave
Stay with this dumb afful heat so hey it aint no stoppin me
This is just retardedly bustin bombardaries
Hard ta be Carngy quality but i'm pluggin up your arteries
Seein is believin and breathin isn't achievin
Headin and feedin my rhymes that's why they actin like heathens
Treatin my meanin so it gets deep and repated
I'm in the lead and concieted it's something that my spirit needed
So ask me where I'm derivin my lyrics never deprivin
Colidin with tryin ta find the time ta enlightin
Workin for perfection i'm perfect but alway strivin
My lyrical climate is climbin that's why I'll never quit rhymin
I like it and put it so that I can't even bite it or try ta rewrite it invited inside it's like damn look what i did
Track Name: Back In Days
I remember.. since back in the day
Man rappin's became less than half of the same now its trashy in vaine
Uncrafted and fake casted astray it's passin away
Contaminates reign commanded with rage it been dampend and frayed
My passions the same no last minute change will happen ta save
The abstenant range I imagine it cain't cuz it has been arranged
The path has been laid and graphed in a plane like it's for rats in a cage
And man's so amazed he's stagnent at bay clueless rackin his brain (with)
An unpassifist gaze maskin his face it's tragic and strange
Inhabitants phase from a vanishin maze to an adament praise
From crackin the case i'm mad at my race for actin deranged
Quite massive displays of radical weight make a rath that's inane
Estabished campagnes out ta actively mame the average and plain
For cash and domain by harassin your pain so ya can't ascertain
Schematics arcane no compassion remains our advantage constrained
Programmed and we're trained by fashions and games not ta fathom or gain

Not often far from possible I'll flip my lip so odd it'll
Convince ya that it's commical when it consits of plausible (hot)
Conscious posits audible uplifted mixes hot and cold
Obnoxious comments stop the go but give and it is nominal
So give and give and give... To anyone who's on the globe
In sin there is a win.. (yeah right) That illusions optical
Admit it if ya slip... And stop being so prodigal
Breath with insistant bliss... Understand you're not alone
Unless you wanna be it's fun ta see I in front of me subtely
Running speeds of upper 3 billion miles a second stunning and cunningly
Joinin thought waves that bust with ease suddenly dive like submarines under seige
Uppity stuff from Greenz his wants and needs conjunctivly rush a bunch of heat
No touchin me cuz it seems i've jumped and leaped much more than a couple feet
Uncovering the cumber things causein suffering crumble em like tumble weeds
Me loves ta keep I company while I'm sumoning something weak with puns he speaks
Stubbornly funneling some buttery summaries like nothing comes for free

Give everything you have it'll come right back with additions attatched
I stick ta the facts my compostition a vast opposition of tasks
A musician that raps with positioned attacks convincin the mass
I'm percision enhanced conditionin rash acts and contingent demands
Sick of the land it's ominous wish I could stand with innocent hands
But sin and it's clan of frivilous shams has me up to my chin in the sand
Isn't this grand it isn't it's bland magnificent man consistantly cram
Provisional plans ta citizen and givin the chance i'm whippin em past
Bloodhound wontchya slow it down Formin beats i'll go ta town
Spoken roasted shogun sounds roll about my open mouth
So what now tone profound golden glow precocious nouns
Forward bound motivated gotchya goin HOLY COW
Most renouned boastin only that my slogan's WOW
Make ya wanna go an grow an ounce just ta mow it down known ta pound
Zonin out on rogue emotions so i hold the crown
Token thought provoker that'll woe the crowd over and out
Track Name: Different Planet
Aaron Greenz is from a different planet
Getchya so confused ya gotta sit ta stand it
Enter at an angle kinda tipped and slanted
Everybody raise a hand if this shit is jammin

I write to express me it's cool i don't stress
Off of peoples opinions i truely couldn't care less
The best of the best that's a stretch but i'm adept
In excess and yes i've intense messes of blessed verbal ness
So let's circumvent the election get all jazzed up
Act stuck try ta follow intently but have fun
Laugh none follow the tracked path where the grass was
It can't run from Aaron Greenz grab it i got the cat's tounge that's what
Up i'm a nut plucked from tree's in outter space
Without a witness or devourer so without sound or taste
Hours late to all engagements just in case a prowler waits
Not scared i stay prepared i'll knock em right out with my flower vase
I'll never stop rhymein' most of the time i'm in mind and
Smilein' wide cuz i find all kinds of silence slightly combinin
Line after line of surprisin lyrical shine that arised when
The light at the top of the tunnel's subtle but brighter than blindin' climbin
Kennetikly over sedaments aged into solids
Or loosen walk through em cuz any and all walls must be demolished
Accomplish alot when I got it put it in thought and mod it
Concoctin' mach sonic jaw tonics so hot they be bonded with comets


If the subject is rappin then you can bet I
Got more force than a Jedi 24-7 red eyes
Fully fledged when i semi teaterin right on ten nine
I'm set high so if ya came to win better luck next time
Tryin ta fight with a guy in this kind of mindstate
Is like tryin slice a knife at irate giant primates
My thang get my pie and cake eat it n' get a side ache
Naked in a top hat and gym socks goin on blind dates
On one way roads headin the wrong way
If police pull me over i'll blame it on a long day
Then i'll turn it up to let him hear and as my song plays
Jump behind him and start chargin' kahme hame
Haaa then be pointin my finger
Right at the voice in the speaker whos done purloined Aaron's fever
Kickin your groin with my sneaker as I deploy in a beater
Enjoy the demeanor of an accoy paranoid gundam seeder
Eager beaver cutely cuddleing with wombats and craw dads
A pond rat tacklin' tom cats untill the dawn cracks
Contact adirondak ET's call em my comrads
My best freinds deliverin galactic bomb sacks


A while ago the other day on my space ship
On which i'm still makin payments, till 20-88 hits
Meandering sensations came and stained my day with plainness
My brain switched from picture patience to verbatim phrases
Aaron's a nugatory muggle sciolist defaimer
Jumpin through psedo hula hoops doin two triple gainers
In favor of a chang 'er takein a scape goat wayward
You love me when i rap but after that you're like HEY NERD
Let's say words that's don't show sense intendment
Flex amendments schlep offensives over shoulders jest impregnate
Yes impressive guest apprentice sentence steps alchemic
Wet electric extra credit blended eclectic accepted specs selected
And less effective acrobatic cerubellums
A vanilla fella simply state have a time of a hella
Don't know what else ta tell ya I'll rain and pour on umbrellas
Not a parade aint gay but strangly stay at home like cinderella
Aaron Greenz cleaner than chlorene
Absorbing much of whatevers presented before me
Especialy the core explore within an emptiness forming
Keep movein wonderlustin in anomalies at warp speed
Track Name: Gems N Minerals
I don't care who you are or where you're from...
Micro massive small as atoms big as suns...
There's infinite fractions and you're number 1...
But infinite can only be if there is none...
White black oriental indian mexican
Not dependant on your heritage or what your tests have been
If livin you're a liver weather homeless or the president
At present men have depth perception yet regect that breath extends
Section tend to form but the whole's unseperated
There's worse but better made it love became the day that hate did
Poverty when fame did some awoke cuz others fainted
What is new is soon outdate pictures change as they get painted
Cuz ones perceptions automaticaly are leaked
In what the do so give yer full attention and you'll catch a piece
Of what's intended by that entity who's ends attempts to teach
Neccessities of deeps they've traveled even if a streatch to reach...

If livin you're a liver centered in attention physical
Where duel expression and genetic steps extend it little though
Inventive digital excesses bendin mens subliminal
There's 2 types of livers in this world gems and minerals
Big small medium tramendous minimal
Every variable expressed from blessed to pitiful
Best friend or cynic you'll manifest an invisible
Two groups to choose from are you gem or mineral

Shootin like a star or like a gun...
Takein everything serious or only havein fun...
Weather a whole loaf of bread or just crumbs...
Everyones equaly able to go or come...
Front back left right in out up down
Spinnin in the middle simpley it'll have ya dumb found
Space earth real fake get give ton pound
Sentimental little scribbles riddlein' ya what now
Do ya rise to occasions or watch em pass by
Live a life of impatients or stop and half die
Are you the type of creation that's walks on land mines
Or has your sights been aquainted with lots bad times
Are ya lonely or feelin' used and abused
Excuse a rude attitude on crap like loosin' your skrews
I'm proof if ya blew every fuse in persuit of a clue
Skewin your views ta the truth you'll exhume YOU who woulda knew

Track Name: She Loved Him
She stares off in the distance the eyes of the past stare back
Share facts manic addictions get mixed with a fair mass
Of action manifesting depression but she can't declare that
The airs flat mad agression wishing "where's my other layer at?"
The anger wraps itself around her thoughts just like a vice grip
She likes it though cuz she knows it's something that she can ride with
Reply to the lion heigness with utter complete compliance
Fragile alliance defiance might be met with an act of violence
Time in silence without eyelids able to squint or wink a peep of sleep
Beneath a heep of unintentional things she didn't mean to speak
Heart beat is weak but unconventional means could seed the tree
Believe in he Nope run and exit and leave and flee the scene to be in dreams
Cuz all the shit and said and done was really cool at first
He said she was ahead of one and she became his universe
With all the love they shared she really though that they could rule the Earth
It wasn't true it hurst he proved his worth to be a student jerk

She loved him She wanted him to know she wants him
She loved him But once all the other stuff comes in
She loves him But doesn't wanna dump corruption
She loves him but wonders what if it doesn't mean nothin

In her heart of hearts she knows he loves her and she tries
To move on but it's hard to start when all she wants to do is die
Fade into the ardent darks of her soul and her mind
Instead of crying her time aint spent trying to define or find why
And where did it spoil and how did it go bad
Somehow it got shrouded and foiled it makes the girl so mad
Accoding to her he aint loyal only out for his own man
But that aint true he wont stand for no crap and she knows that
The past they shared and all the memories made
The passions flare affections energy waves
The massive care that she has never seen gained
Claimed or obtained tenderly a-mazing cleverly plain
The mole under her left breast her butterfly tatoo
The feel of his flexed chest sexy and he's damn cute
With him had the best sex sensual abstract moves
Makin love their flesh pressed a feeling that's brand new

She lays awake to reminiss about his loving tender kiss
His extra special sentamates an oddly awkward fetishes
Rembering their effortless essences that blend and twist
She'd get him pissed and then dismiss her part because she holds no penatence
In her hands and she stand for what she believes in
Can expand an single strand or command a whole frequency
Understanding the sham that every man has his demons
But yet this convenience leaves her changing the same as the seasons
In need of his comfort her body aches for his touch
A taste of her loves ushering she appreciated and trusts
Patient and just uncovering the ace in her flush
A love that ancient as dust awaits as the days turn to months
She aint givin up stayin tough and she'll be strong til the end
So she keeps facin the front without her commerad and friends
She feels no shame of disgust even when honor is dead
He wants the same as she does but when the offer extends she says

She loves him And she wants him to know she wants him
She loves him But once all the other stuff comes in
She loves him But she did all and he did nothin
She loves him But because of a hunch she doesn't trust him
Track Name: Compulated
Life's so funny I'm broke wit no money
Startin out simple just 'cuz I see bookoo dummies
But please believe I'm comin' with tounge runs become stunning
In less than an instant, ya get i'm persistant with cunning\4
Lyrical tumblings First get ya ta trust me ta be bustin something
Then i'll help ya ta succeed cuz subliminaly my toung breeds
Synaptic glitches autonomacly twitchin' systems and bloodstreams
Shinein bright with divideing light exciting life like white sun beams\8
Or one that's yellow... HELLO... Even mellow when i'm jumpy
It's fun cuz it get's funky all in a rush ta run ta nothing
Come up from a stump to nut tree like duhn duh duhnt on a drum beat
Abrupt when i dump dumb heat when Greenz runz amuk it's a must see\12
Havin crazy days I crave but my brain's never concieved
But it's consistantly hungry and waitin ta conveen
and Match elating waves that have grazed my way 'specialy if loving
Humbled by history trust me it's no luck i met Luccy\16
WHAT THEEEE!!! Hell are you sayin? Well if I'm waitin
Real compeled but I'm patient then time'll tell me the basics
By leaving trails with a shadin that's never frail or evasive
It yells ta come chase it, for intel-igant changes, with Relative praises\20
Hella sensations like Elements ragin' and deVeloped amazement }3{
Can Dispell all our hate we'll excel it's Self Preservation
By Man ENTAILED with sensations livin in jails with no cages
For a lifetime i'm stuck as male that's caucasion\24

I switch into every mood raw
I'm one but many too raw
Maybe i am offending you raw
With messages i'm sending beggening unto ending who's raw\ 28

Everywhere you go someone has already been
The only thing you can say is oops i did it again
Origionalitie's spent now people only pretend
Immatating something they saw from one of they friends\ 32
Ta think outside the lines you gotta live outside the box
Quit fakin tellin lies like about the guns you have shot
You maybe shot a pistol but you might have held a glock
You've never seen a missile and a mechine gun please stop\ 36
Bein unedjucated's your only detected passion
Infected with rejection and proud of your attentive bashin
Can't comprehend what i said less you have inventive actions
And read a book or two and your mind's an accented mansion\ 40
Open up ta the point where you can be expanded
Stop fienin for that joint and keep your feet planted
Maybe use bless it instead of god damnit
Let go of agression and trying ta be a bandit\ 44
Rappin shouldn't be about somebody doin better
It should be about everyone comming togeather ta get they chedder
Not about getting some silly breezey exrtremely wetter
Rappin should be about explaining personal endevor\ 48
I don't understand why people always gotta act
Like they've never been punked and like they is all of that
Plus a bag a chips a side of fries and a big mac
Greedy and selfish like when someone gives to you don't give back\ 52
What kinda shit is that where's the common courtessey
While you see horizontal my vision ascend's only verticaly
It don't matter if you've heard of me there's no urgency
For me to become virtually trained ta be head commercialy\ 56
I'd rather do what i do and keep my thoughts sturdy
And be able to live happily and be ok when i'm thrity
Retired from working when i'm 40 and take a journey
And never have the chance to have purchase and attouney\ 60
Of this all are deserving so please just keep on searching
Untill you find your place in this world and watch what is occuring
Pay attention ta yer girl and quit pointless flirting
Be intelectual if you can't handle that don't be wordy\ 64

Was it your roll models that got you confused
Got you drinkin cold bottles claimin abuse
Man it's just so aufull you're set up ta loose
Stickin with old toggles the road is traced in your shoes\ 68

Aaron Greenz very clean always spittin some heat rays
Pre-trained I seem strange rap but i'm white as a bleech stain
Astral leap from tree ta tree with planetary free range
Cliche's of claims ta greatness are at very least fake\ 72
Create the slightest mindless mental twitch in dream states
Idolizein eye surprisein' scenes ya sink in steep rates
Title prizin' guys devisein schemes ta be the king snake
Time is flyin by and I am screamin leave for pete's sake\76
Recognizable when I sit and flow
I get in modez and zip I go with frivalous untypical
Invincible vicious neural nutrition nuetraly additional
Non-fictional conniption fits I throw and swiftly kick wit toes\80

I'm too raw Aaron Greenz be bustin fer fun
Rupture my tounge leavin ya like "It's Too Much" when I'm done
I'm starin up at the sun beat the odds a hunderd ta one
Encompassed inclinations occasionaly runnin amuk\84
Huddled and tucked not focused on jugglin puns
Rushin enough dopeamine molecules ta puzzle ya chumps
But stayin humble and such because it's what i've become
Greenz an untouchable chum and a stunnin son of a gun\88

Watch OUT DUDE!!
You've never seen or heard of anyone hurdlin levels Greenz is about too...
Down through unbound roots
Ideling simaltaniously static while interactin' with racket once found mute\92
Now zoom with a sound boom i'll astound crowds and arouse groups
Full of how to's surrounded in winter shrouds and SHADOWED in a clouds dew
I'm a proud fool that allows truth to advance chance in a round loop
Follow Lao Tzu cuz the Tao proves circled cycles brings a devout view\96
Make any move it allows you slightly hiding it's perimiter
In the center of never and ever unmeasured no exit or enter no bigger or miniature
Shiftin subliminal integers visions of visible limiters
Missions of minimal ministers wishin that typical fictional shit occured in a blurr\100
Smooth nope I stay choppy with flows and
Lobby to pro's who's opposite's congress oddly it shows
Coppies of clones bodiless law-dah-de-dah-de's and drones
A possie of zombies that constantly grows\104

Step on a flow and honest yo it's bomb and clean and squeky
I might as well have cosmical applause and seasons greetings
Cheezey Greenz he's nominal optional calm extremly speaking
Obsolesting optical phanomina like easles leaning seems intrigueing\ 108
Keep believing dream supreme achievements easy
Seek a meanings equal seating people reach with greed when needy
Shrinkin tiny things and thinking bleek and evil reasons leaving
Jingled teasings lead a peaceful geek ta siege and beat his teachins\112
Legal genies breed the penile scam weasles and deamons teaming
Linked in treatise fleets of mean police lethal decievment scheming
Mingled preaching clings routinely needleing the street beneathe a-
Drienals leaking deeply steeped in sheets of feeble pre-repeating\116
I be writin flows just for the hell of it intelligent
Scalein' a vail of skelotens bail when i'm jailed in elements
Delicate cells enveloped in wells of dispelin elegance
Jealouse and failing zealousness flailin like tails of elephants\120
Mellow I gale othello like mail loads of melds developin
Bellowin through a jelloish tale a dweller compellin quips
Hello it's donatello lip helpfull angellic brail o' wit's
Seldom hit fellows felt though exhalin a trail relavance\124

When Aaron Be rappin people be askin "Who is this?"
Then others tell em "I don't know but yo this dude can rip!"
It's true it is but know that it's just because I been doin it
Since out the womb I slipped stinkin up the room a bit\128
I been hidin in the light like the moon in a full eclipse
Aaron Greenz's rhymin's like a cacoon when it's loosin grip
Perfect timein undevided amusein with word illusionist
Emphisizin horizions teachin tools by usein clues and hints\132
Bustin somethin' terrible nothin to it's comparable
People love me plenty more than top notches wearin pharamones
I'm somewhere ya don't care go Aaron Glarin hysterical
The verbal madness master straight down from my hair ta toes\136
Spittin fire call it karosene My bodies name is Aaron Greenz
My sould and I a pair of beings Togeather carried very clean
Barin' fruit like a cherry tree Nothin for me's embarassing
I've personaly witnessed more than most can bare ta see\140
Appearently I without air ta breathe exist while most'd sufficate
Thanks ta the fact that I've trained my mind ta fluxuate
My super flows mimic the loudest sound that thunder makes
Maybe rappin in California but even heard in southern states\144
On my best provokin folks ta have a bad behavior
But everybody needs ta chill I'm askin as a favor
So please refrain from any tempting random acts of anger
Weather you're a dirty polotician and or tax evader\148
Be fascinated taken away by a strange invader
Of an age and a stage where the game is played in a chase for a paper
Mache that is made by a gang claimin' their our saviour
While daily degrading our brains from the strait ta the fake man they waiver\152

Cribidy bibbidy skippidy hippity hop HA
Listen we vividly giving these drippity drops Not
Tricky be nicotene getting me physically off Ya
It feels good ta be Greenz YEAH\156

I produce more smoke than a choo choo train
Ta comprehend what i say you gonna need ta purchase two new brains
I don't come at you in some kind of a wicked voodoo way
I really could care less if you have gold or bookoo game\160
That's if ya have i don't wanna make ya mad
But your constant reminders of how small your mind is makes me sad
Yer headed for a wreck to a trench that's too bad
Showin yer neck what the heck is that stench that must be your ass\164
Stankin like salami i may be skinny like gandi
But i'll nut up like acorn 3 days after you taunt me
Find ya approach ya nonschalauntly
Walk up to ya ta spittin knowlege call me Mr. Miaugee\168
Betta yet call me gifted and get my spirits uplifted
So much in my head it take 30 minutes ta fit it
Or list it in a song i'm wrong i couldn't spit that vicious
The opposite of malicious my words is delicious\172
Without a pause i eat the competition up like i'm jaws
You off in the closet while i live outside of natural laws
Prolly never come across a man with such a humble cause
Or become focused on the words i said so you're forever lost\176
At least on a level that could possibly compete
How often must i spit consistanly with dumb heat
Fer you too see that you just couldn't be above me
If you an aligator then i'm crocidile dundee\180
I'm twista and you is bun b You county and i'm country
You pokey so i'm gumbee I'm noticed and you're unseen
I'm happy and you grumpy You crapy and i'm studly
Your Bud and i'm Al Bundy I'm an ape you're a monkey\184
That's the analysis mapped and spelling the conclusion
I aint a battleist can't gurantee that i'm loosin
Switch up like mokujin my styles keep ya movin
Fire ball lyrics commin at ya HA DU KEN\188
The dreams you be persuin are not just some illusions
They're guides and i hope that sometime you will try ta use them
You'll never get nowhere if you're constantly refusin
To accept the fact that your mind is programed to stay confusin\192
Reality from fact and fact from what is fiction
Like problems stemming from childhood can lead to addiction
Ta drugs and conflictions Or habbits of submission
Maybe you're lost this is too much for you to invision\196

Eww goody Greenz is comin ta boogie
Spittin it like ya should be hoverin in a hoodie
The sound of a thousand woogies in town that'll down your cookies
Dancin around your footing it's a Boog Off Buhdy\200

I get lit on literature, Insistant that I sit n' learn.
Like A livid minister, I'm spittin till the minute turns.
My synonyms are sinister; Mixes of big and miniature,
Considerate and immature, Exquisite lip inquisitor.
Spit One hit quitter finishers; The in a minute riviter,
Winnin lip flippin signature, A gifted and sick rhythm nerd.
Wishin that this'd hit a nerve In every livin' listener
Cuz in our skin we're prisioners With no privlage to visitors,
Lips Drivin like vehicular To nowhere in perticular
But gettin there up in a jif with signifigant engine burn
Splittin gone quick in a blur With nouns & adjectives & verbz
I strictly stick ta facts with raps maticulously mixin words
I nit and pick till it occurs Envisioning it with discern
Charismatic combatant man battlein words untill it hurts
Emphatic and i'm similar To half oil and vinigar
Supposidly known only roast a beat if I get an urge \216

I was informed on the day I was born that i'd be a thorn
In the side of the guy who'd decide he would like a war
Cuz i'm sort of ignored like a hoard of a locust swarm
On horizons at times of civil unrest when we're board
But the score's always settled with a sword made of medal
That was forged and assembled by the lord in a temple
Then absorbed through my dental to my core then all levels
Were restored given the chore ta grasp the horns of the devil
Minotaurs he resembles death is not I aint afraid
X the spot and play the game wreckin shop flamein mage
Trained in shame retainin a brain vast as a global data base
Storeage place of ancient change that came with great acclaim in shades of gray
Pave the way loose and hollow aviate and check yer maps
We're lost cuz we been led astray by pagen gangs inventin facts
Settin traps trained in grades of gain and fame impressive acts
While they lead I follow truth remains ya save the best for last I'm \232

When I'm 'bout ta rock a crowd I elevate and imagine
That I got magical powers start levitatin and chantin
Ohm-Nee-Pad-Nim I'm takin a chance and
Breakin your back by snappin your neck with amazin adlibs\236
I'm caged in a shack but my brain is a mansion
I stay in a place suspended in space an ancient rap phantom
Arrangin the track the best's what i'm savin for last
In the case it is wack consolidate free masons for facts\240
Positively they'll say that I'm strange but i'm pavin the path
For the stages of rap to now begin makin it back
Ta the stage it was at when it truely made and impact
Cuz now it's fake and it's crass to lame ta make an 8min track\ 244
Maybe maintstreem is simply waitin ta crack
Ta make way for the great and elimate the snakes in the grass
I'm off the page and the map the wall and chain and at last
You're put ta shame with a rap weather your brown asian or black\ 248
Caucasion and tan don't matter straight or gay in a clan
Please believe it aint a game if i'm raisin my hand
Eggin the situation off while maintainin a stance
Like i'm waitin ta dash a bulge as big as a gauge in my pants\ 252
Super-alter-ego's how i say i'm a brat
Ma-Main-ainiac animatin and i gracefully slap
Pics ta your face of an ass with an abrasive impact
A verbal mage from the past Aaron runs circles angles and flats\ 256

It aint shit to a boss Ta come and spit you some hot
Raw discombobulated flows off of a fifth ta the jaw
Shifted and stauled what do you call A Greenz mixed with S Rawk
Really lifted or knock we be emittin exhaust\ 260
Our advanced nature Has been gifted by God
If you witnessed the full extent of what's been given and saw
The true skills and started gettin involved I insist it would cause
Your folks ta give ya warnings like "Hey dude your lips gonna fall"\ 264
And that's with just a glimpse of our bond we stick ta the wall
Cuz we have tact what's that you probly don't get it at all
Inspired by confusion we shake the thickest of fog
Maybe I'm sick in the nog but is it or isn't it wrong\ 268
Ta move business along when it hurts innocent moms
Unsuspecting family's turnin em into victims and pawns
The mic I grip it in awe hit hard like nickles in socks
I wish my visions and thoughts had permission and got\ 272
Born into existance and broght a remittance and stock
I admit that i'm flawed but i'm still convinced that i'm not
Manors and movments like monky's from the wizard of oz
Magnificent mods gotch yall jiggin and thizzin and fixin ta stop\ 276
Slippin in knots collison drivin in shock
All compitition is lost cuz man I skip when walk
Christian I'm not uncommon honest metaphysician who crossed
Primitive blocks oftenly sought positioned in lock\ 280
I spit with wisdom of tox-ic compositions of talk
Oppositions of top-ics that cross lots of homonym slots
Polished and washed in possible plots commas and dots
No logic'll follow the flock and flop on bottoms of rocks\ 284

Like me a perfectionist that still remains imperfect
But Lyricly ambidextrious invertin verbal circuts
While Assertin' circled purpose word inertia kernals surface
At best estimates i pressed a bit emerge fertal and flourish\288
For certain sure diverseness makes ya smooth as lubriderm
I'm searchin first occurance surfin through the universe
An urban furbished germ in terms ensuin Jupiter
All current stirred and purchased perks of hurt are soon ta turn\292
So who's a nerd synapse savage scannin out the gray in white
Pay the price for asset access action aptly breakin sight
I lay awake at night ashes to ashes in a state of fright
Of jaded types and pagenites fashioning fads and stagin fights\296
Nation wide trainin ta hate by layin claim that strain on faith and pride
Can save us while maintainin vacant brains in spite embracin lies
And takein lives with praises high no shame like gangs in wake of crime
We pray ta find escape from blight but stay in chains of shame inside afraid but why\300
The passive masses paint a blatent sign with latent cry's
Inflation rides in violence, silent statements may give rise
And stablize a ray of light unchanged by ragin flames ta ice
Evasive sly it's strange you aim ta waste no thanx i'll save my time\304
Safe haven mine is quaint and plain at least ta naked eyes
No fake or fly or flagrent shine amazin shape or size
Sustained remains an ancient vauge basins basic design
A plane in mind innate so fine it aint no way ta wait in line\308
A state of stasis phases gracious as a crane in flight
Disdane and waste be drainin till the day our vains are dry
I blame the reign of namein thangs and games why they divide
Taintin the space they patronize and state of blank retains the wise\312
Track Name: Supa Saiyaijn
From my head down ta my toes I'm covered all in gold
But not like ya think take a drink and just enjoy the show
See the gold is really a light Almost blindingly bright
Get aroused at the sound of a clown thinking it's time that he'd fight
He must think that I'm playin That I can't fry him up like bacon
Turn em cajun make em a demenstration always win as super saiyn
Up in my lucid dreams I always do these things
Way in the sky I fly you'll die when outta my hands come energy beams
In another dimension HUH Now that it's mentioned
Just let the tension be the lesson unless your intention is catchin
Blows ta the chest that's so impressive Oh yes it's
Like a crevases be made when my true energy's present
Benevolent what you represent isn't even a nanospec
With everpresent conections ta kat's that get
Turfed from one blow that was unseen by me
DBZ GT i think i'm in desperate need of a sensu bean
Still give it my best unseen struggle ta win or die trying
Denying aint working but jerky moves could have you sighing
Implying you seein trails like you off that acid
Too fast with Some savage attacks that leave you questions with no answers
So panick Cuz it's commin double like fusion stances
All kinds of crazy dances for the ability ta kick asses
Of these fools thinkin that they can pass us they needin glasses
Cuz they aint movin no fasta than Aunt Jamima's molassas,.,. hook

Gohan Krillin Piccolo on to me
Goin Supa Saiyajin 3 makin your tactics obsolete
Majin Buu in trouble
Gotenks / Gogeta about ta rumble
The earth might crumble but one thing I / We can do is remain humble

Now if I can't defeat a foe that's even meana
I'mma mind reada and I see ya gettin whoped by my boy Vageta
He bout ta bring them heataz Even fasta than a jet speeda
A cheata that'll leave ya humbled like your full name was St. Peta
28 minutes left untill Gotenks'll have ta go
He bout ta split since he gettin hit gotta get ta kami's lookout with mr. popo
When it comes ta Krillin yeah he actin shy
A bit reclined but that's why he reminds me of the supreme ki
The way that they always panik Just like back on planet namek
Against freeza but it's unseen a supa sayine aint gon have it
It's automatic we increase strength with every struggle
Untill we smuggle extreme energy that ya can't juggle
So ya best ta get ready And keep your emotions steady
Cuz my fists cut like messcetties in my orange clothes i'm lookin so trendy
Plus i got endless vigorous training
The skills is now obtaining a brand new level of ascended sayine and maintaining
Refrain from the unmundane and retain what's been explained
The knowledge i contain is arcane ask anybody it's preordained
If you stay away from the thangs that don't help when obtained
Your brain'll be sustained be open to being trained the universe is my domain

Quicka than piccolo when he was togeather with nail
For victor he stick alone even if the weathers like hell
With black sky's and last try's untrusted guys on my back side
Whenever I fall into the earth I create a damn land slide
With me you got your hands tied So honestly i can't lie
If ya got thoughts of battlein the Z Force you should put em all on stand by
Don't let me perform a fusion Less you're majin buu crusin for a brusin
And suckin up a supa sav like me your body get's a mean intrusion
Without any confusion I know just what i'm doin
Goin supa sayine three ta gurantee that i aint loosin
From the wolf fang fist Ta kao ken it gets
Pretty ugly for a man who aint fast cuz with accurate aim i can't miss
Learned it from the masta ki Runnin upon a plastic sky
Passin guys with frantic minds i run so fast and fly
Even if it was your whole squad against Goten and Trunks
None of yall survive or escape the ropein ya up
Imagin it all in three d I dislike bulma not chi chi
She be the only ungreedy girl that's not totaly decieving
Even love Vidal and bangin folks with Gohan
Good will always prevail but still evil will roll on
Show on the roads long but majin buu aint singing his old song
Soon ta be Uu Buu a true duu but still someone you shouldn't approach wrong
I got sensu beans ta choke on Tien and me is so strong
Take a step ta the left before you're catchin your breath you're catchin a photon
Track Name: Twin Warrior
Shi Fu... What do I have to do to become a master like you?
Becoming a master is no easy task...
Extreme detication and vigorous daily training of body and mind is required...
You must be able to move very swiftly with great force...
You must be focused and in every moment have...

20/20 neva hine sight Gotta keep your mind right
Yer reflexes ya wind tight All trys are a prize fight
Chi energy climbs high risin neva use blight might
Applyin light vibes be blindin like a brightly shined light
Prime bites spittin venom inta the sections of
Tendons of enemy's who've left em unattended. Connections
Of seven expressive reflections bendin' an intersection
Presentin' perfect protection reptillian like limbs as a weapon
Questions answered a masters never insane or scared
Contained, impared, ok or fair not even when gray of hair
He's brave and chairs and trains with care in ancient ways maintained as rare
It's Faintly there he stays prepared awake aware with stable stares
From Crane ta Bear manipulatein' space and air access
Granted in a flash it comes from adament practice
Learnin' various pressure points in the stance of a Mantis
With pin point accuracy aim that can cause massive damage
We're savages slashin atchya your wounds pryin em wider
An absent back fist clashes weight refines and get's lighter
Elastic crackin snap kicks like i'm frightened and hyper
A masculine stature backed by rath from the eye of the Tiger
Triad admired desciple leader that's fashioned
Ta tap in ta the vastness of animalistic reaction
Imagined in fractions skill planted as deep than a clam in
The sea ta me fastened in self contained entrapment contraptions
Masked in adaption granted the planet i'm strapped in
I dis and reappear expand then contract in smooth as a Dragon
With moves like a phantom the truth of a shaman askewed as an atom
That's fused in attraction ta add ta the universe at whim
Groupin facts thoughtless seem to be ready calm loose
Good and bad are concepts we use ta thread a taught nuse
We all begin novice me you yup even Da Mu
Odd strong moves viewd from the Shifus prudent Mongoose
Stops who? snakes draggin em off like tow trucks
Fallin off center puposely movin' like an ole drunk
Throwin body mass for an advantage over Cobra
Light on his toes like old monk who's diet is rice and okra
Oprah could never make sense of this mixture
Fixed curves eclipsed words intermissions of quick blurrs
Shiver me timbers I turn in the mirror and i see a wizard
Picture myself as i sit stirin' hevenly elixer
In mah belly below my navel in my dan tien
As I softly send consciousness pauses till my thoughts descend
Hobby's blend thinking stops and subtlety I comprehend
My callings been in folly since i've mimic'd folks like i'll be them
Body's REM and oddly bent while deep in meditation
A loss of worry surely don't mean loss of destination
No need ta hurry learning life is just a test of patience
It's occurring early and it's death as it's summation
Track Name: Live Life
do you know where your religions came from
do they speak of truth or do they mearly say stuff
do they give to Earth or do they take your pay stubs
time ta face the fact word is what they're made of
do you think somebody's words could save us
from our selves after we strain ta stay dumb
ever notice faith is basically a great trust
in the same crutch of fake fronts made ta seperate us
dogmas ethics status race
moneys titles classes ranks
common prescious fragment breaks
stunning mild drastic change
half clice's in the news conceal
it rooted through illusion before it moves to thrill
crew recruits instill in us this ruse is real
the truth they construe ta skew the moods you choose ta feel

i don't ever wanna die
but i would give my life
if Earth was on the line
without batting an eye
i don't ever wanna die
just wanna live my life
without havin' to try
to fit it in a lie

lie down... and take it like a fish
a fish already out of the water gutted and dished
maybe you'll escape the net yeah right you wish
there aint a way ta dodge entire planet shifts
damages beyond the norm to our thoughts conception
got us stuck on other stuff we've gone and stopped progression
lost connection with our cosmic essence
we simply stalk obsessions and gods acceptance
the constant message is that we serve our purpose
and we should rid ourselves of individualist urges
ya gotta go ta work ta purchase life from merchants
cuz money makes the world turn wrong the Earth gives
birth to life itself then nurtures each and every person
without return expected she's attentive and advertent
under the surface burning nurishment emerges
for you and me two human beings and there aint no charge for this service

Talented, hopelessly boring smart stupid taoist muslim it don't matter
We are the Universe and the Earth
If you're a Human Being then We are part of Us.
All different expressive pieces of our speicies of the Earth sooo

you could say i'm weak or you could say you're strong
proclaim i'm unique or say that your blah
think you know what's right or and tell me that i'm wrong
then answer me this when was freedom found in cash or god?
it wasn't it's found inside of you
inside of u-niveral loops tried and true
you may not know where to go or how but even so now is time for the Human races mind to move

Wake em up make em tough we aint afraid of the day to come
When fate is luck hate is love and faith in the pagan way is bust
Dangerous flakes of dust nature was brave and created us
Maybe stuff changes us or maybe we're made ta change it but
It aint enough to keep pretending we're fine
The end of the line is nigh as we enter the sign
11 the hevenly vectors align together design
Tension attention will exit the center of mind
With effort ta release from monetary gain search
Human kind could finally find out how our brains work
And rediscover what's forgotton our place within nature
Put faith in the plain Earth and she'll return the favor
Hey thurr did you read the paper
We're in serious danger our rulers are strangers
And they're quick ta anger gain life when take yours
Engauged in a game where they pray on spectators

the music has given me a key to the gate of mystery
the purpose is simply bringing peace with Earth's creativity
which freely lives in me an E.B.E. turned Human mysticly
with eyes inside i shift and snync rythm meets tone artistically
feels like i'm in a dream balancing on limbs of trees
fly and dive ta skim the sea physically transmit instantly
reach speeds of infinity the minute I think lift my feet
due to a true lucidity i'm super dude when in my sleep
but when awake make no mistake i see difference it's interesting
distance consists of inches feet and arbitrary visions deemed
as far regardless how hard some certain mission seems
there's always more ta go yup even once the outter limit's reached
the future's history we're never what we wish to be
we'd proudly change but hey wherever the cow shit's it's green
ablity seen in the human being epitome's
deific indeed now when god was speaking were you listening

i don't ever wanna die
just wanna live my life
without havin' to try
to fit it in a lie
i don't ever wanna die
but i would give my life
if Earth was on the line
without batting an eye
Track Name: Money
There aint a thing you won't do for the dollar
You'd even sale your soul <if loot was offered>
Family in need you go <compute the cost first>
Loyal only for the sake of gain <you's an impostor>
No honor your pride relys upon your net worth
Cheat lie <and fight> ta do your best work
You're always right reply by citein experts
But bring ethics in question you crack under the pressure
Yes yer experience is why you're rarely curious
Securely fixed on ancient theories and don't take me serious
Preach till you're dilerious and rights and wrongs obscurely mix
Irrationally actin like a chick before her period
Careless inconsiderate When payment aint significant
You get beligerant vindictive pissed bitter and rigid quick
Consider if you figure it's money that gives deliverance
You're ignorant money is debt there aint a difference

Money ta clothe and feed it aint right no
Money control and greed don't own life though
Money and gold the reasons you'll die slow
Breathe release open close let your mind go

So ya wanna gain Without havin' ta slave
Unfortunate cuz hey You're livin in an age
Where nothin is exchanged Without paper mache
Nothing will be ok as long as they control the game
Ya gotta fight the FED FIGHT THE FED
Ya gotta fight the FED they would like ya dead
Ya gotta rise instead and fight the FED
Wake up no time for bed until they’ve died or fled
Ya gotta fight the FED punch em and bite their heads
accept no price or bet that comes with binding debt
Deny these mice of men who rule to violent ends
The Bill of Rights aint dead it’s been disquised by them
But yo united men don’t hate their kind friend the truth is
Governements are ment to serve people consent included
We gave permission to them then the senate abused it
Thats why right now it’s time for revolutiona
Track Name: The Deep Tao
Study the tao one comes in one goes out
Wow what do we do now?
Around it surrounds but it could never be found
It's in your town it is your smile and your right-side down frown
Astoundin it sounds but from our feet to our crown
It isn't bound in a shroud cuz it's never proud or arroused
There's no bouncin allowed it's calmer than countin the clouds
But it can plow a mountin without bein loud as an owl
Here's my advise you could leave or take it
Create disdane desires as eliminated fake and out dated
And aided contemplate a place sustained in brainless matrix
Degraded rates of great engagements has us claimin "Hey we've made it"
In vaugness we stay the same maintained untill we've wasted
Our grace with information in the face of reputation
Divided as the nation seeks ta stray our patience exclamation!
Sublimated time is racin thanx sensless sense invasion
Haste is only made if and when made without attempt
If you press then you're exempt and might as well have never left
Your breath connects your life so with it coordinate your steps
In depth of emptieness embrace a ton of subjective intelect
Forget your head and neck cuz they're hollow but in respect
More is less attempt intense and what ya gets resistant stress
But if death's the final test i'm gonna pass then what's next
The best adventure yet invest your flesh the tao and us will mesh
Retoricaly afforded a foriegn norm us humans can boarder
Furthermore ignore it's lore and force your soul ta go ta poorer
Lengths ta gain a mortar for the sake of strain prior and former
Want controllin sourcerers torture by makin distance shorter
'till we're torn gettin older keep a chip on our sholder
Dormant repore the core of our chores become war and disorder
Absorbance distorts an important lack of headquarters
But I suppose that's just my take on it though i ain't no reporter

In the business of metaphores, I'm an entrepreneur x3
Got an unlimited resivouar, Of what's honest and pure
Givin's part of my repituar, Create-a-song carneseuar
On a mission i'm settin forth, Ta empty out and i'm sure
My destiny event-ialy will have me see in ampla-vision
My specialty is enthememe's lyrical mathmatician
Passionate vanishin image anti-graspin past decisons
Cataclysmic magnatism habits grant me that permission
Half a wizard half a man and so whole of me is God
Throwin blows of golden knowledge people only see the flaws
Lonley not we've mostly grown alone but if i'm honeing holy laws and
Zonein in on goin home my soul ignores the odds and story plots
A force that's not... To be reckoned with...
In the light I seek my residence i'm humble with my prefrences
Not impresed with present presidents or peoples puny prejeduce
Poetic messages undress within their genesis
I'll never quit effortlessly perplexin yes and vexin with
an Excelent regiment of brighter ideas than Edison
And set against a seperate impressed estimate of evidence
Men addressin estrigine said it be your head's your nemasis
Track Name: Chemtrails
Hi have you ever looked up in the sky
And wondered why clouds that are forming before eyes
Began as lines with checkers and x's s's and i's
And then relized they came outta planes that were passin by
Don't ever try ta find answers cuz all you'll ever find's
A bunch of lies hypothosis's government just deny
The rivers dry all other life dying while human kind
Is multiplied new conditions that once were un-defined
Are on the rise diseases disorders viral infections
Manic depression all extents of mental regression
Birth defects and stress lessening our connections
Neglagence manifests inattentively you accept it
Content and impreceptive don't seem to care at all
Starin at the ground while the town's burried in aresol
Heavy metals barium nano bots that compare to bombs
Fair it's not terror befalling us via air assult

Never will they let us know their scheme
Chemical trails sprayed even over seas
But not around the air our british owners breathe
Don't believe? google project cloverleaf
It starts way back with classified experiments
Designed to hide attacks and minimize apperences
This kind of incoherence is what they use to line the spirit with
Irritants killing our minds giving us interferences
Damn the guy who's clearences ok'd the research
This little game is for sure one you shouldn't play with the Earth
It's dangers work manipulatin the race of my birth
I'll go super sayin hurt him and put him way in the dirt
Shh... secret Chemical warfare
Biogenetic tests medical codes shared
Bilderberger CFR aint ethical or fair
Even though they head an incredible force they're evil

It sure don't stop with attacks from up high
The Earth grows hot as it traps the sun light
The dirt wont crop and the grass becomes dry
Then birds don't flock cuz the plants don't bud right
Aint random some guys decided how easy
It would be to change the Earth and now we see
Genetic wether tests effectin our species
Manipulating the ionosphere with cloud seeding
The loud beating of a drumless frequency
Causin flux in all of us distinctively
Altered vibrations that unbelievably
Could conduct hate or love just as easily
H.A.A.R.P. haarp beams
Frequencies toward the stars with a far reach
Our dreams fill the heart of a dark beast
Who's army's are marching to guard these evil
Track Name: Bohos
JFK Speaks
The very word secrecy is repugnant. In a free and open society.
And we are as a people, opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret precedings...

All the troublesome annoyances in life start at the source of deceit...
In the most beautiful landscapes the so called global elite
Secretly meet and discuss plans to compete for complete
Defeat of your freedom of speech as they seek ta lead us like sheep
Me i'm no weak simpleton slave to hollow impulse
I think for myself and refuse to swallow assaults
Counter attack strike back with fact politics sculpt
A deeply evil breed of people involved in dark occults
That have a plan ta bind us so we can't have the slightest
Chance ta fight em any branch of science that's divine is banned in silence
In plain sight disguised as random acts of violence
It's no that lie that 9/11 signed required sacrifices
To a fallen fire demon shapeshifter from babylon
ever heard the names moloch rah or bayal hommon
Google m-o-l-o-c-h solomon and hadad
Think for yourself search for the truth find it an pass it on

JFK Speaks
It is a system which has conscripted, vast human and material resources. Into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine, that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. It's preparations are concealed. It's mistakes are buried. It's decenters are silenced. No expenditure is questioned. No rumor is printed. No secret is reveled.

B is for belief and they believe in an owl
they want their cult to stay a secret but i'm leaking it out they're foul
O is for obedience to the queen and the crown
bohemians bow to evil which is where their allegiance is vowed
H is for hushhhhh stay hidden keep it on the d.l.
can't let the people learn the truth cuz if we do we'll rebel
E is for the Earth which they destroy in every detail
for greater profit resale as they're egos full of greed swell
M is for monopoly media military
with the skill ta bury evidence until what's real is scary
I is for the eye of horus on the bills we carry
egyptian mystic alien children that kill unfairly
A is for astrology and ancient divination
pagans who worship satan and contain infinite patience
N is for the nation under nazi subjugation
americas been a british gang for many generations

JFK Speaks

Our overlords don't talk about the strange lights
Of unidentifide ships seen at day and late night
Which change flight unalike any type of plane might
And fade right into the distance instantly in plain sight
It aint right the knowledge kept from us is vital (to survival)
For this planet and expansion of the cycle (they have stifeled)
We're a fraction of the vastness of the primal (and unbridled)
All advancin not just actin for survival (with a smile)
Never idolize or rival and yer eye's 'll open 3
Awake your soul from sleep internally you're whole and free
If only we we're totally informed the war they seige
Without exposing what they seek we'd know we're truely open beings
Who hold the key to information like dna transferrmation
Knowledge to evolve without leaving a wake of devistation
Let us wait and see or dream our own creations
Into being love and peace aint just things of imagination

George Bush Senior Speaks

The plot thickens... and they're exact with their plan
To fully capture the planet and have us trapped in their hands
But since our advantage is grand they slander and damn
The magic of man which can expand the clan of galatic command
They don't give back to the land instead they take it and rape it
Fake as a face lift the fate of our race contained in the ways that are ancient
But they've been washng our brains and advocating our hatred
Inflating our egos so we don't see it's basically vacant
Engauging it in nothing they're only topic of discussion
Stop what is accomplished by the human consciousness and crush it
Like the drop of a percussion they know not to be redundant
So with lots of crossed corruption and mirages so abundant
They have spawned a picture smuged with doubt and clouded beliefe
But we're a fountain of peace abound what we seek like the sounds of a beat
Countless unique human beings blend and how we'll defeat the mouth of the beast
Is by uniting... cuz that's how our powers released
Track Name: Global Domination
The real truth of the matter is that a financial element has owned the governement since the days of Andrew Jackson
-Franklin D Roosevelt, 1933

Get a mouth full of the flavor
Of the council of Nizea
I bet the sound will suck your brain up
Like and alchamest from Asia
Preachin NOW go kill a neighbor cuz it's doubtfull he would save ya

The moment I use these words people usually turn
Off and away thereby denying self a chance to learn
I understand it hurts to hear that although you're firm
In your understandings of knowledge you're wisdom's been obscured
So what are these words? 3 of em start with a C
Followed by o and n con the art of a theif
There's no control without consequences gaurdin the means
To ends you can't imagine even in your most alarming of dreams
Conditioned by cons who now are armed to the teeth
Pickin you off from afar like snipers targeting sheep
Trained you to aid in the creation of the mark of the beast
Entertainment sedated free masons take ya far outta reach
Sway a scarf in the breeze attempts at harnessed release
Bring carnage and grief disease'll sure make ya harbor relief
Target's been reached partisan speech has got us marchin to sleep
To story's they started about a martyr who parted the sea?
They hold all the aces and made your high card a king
Created all of your cash but never bargain for free
Willing and thankfull self surrender and the darkness will cease
I don't know but I'm starting to think it's pretty darn hard to believe

It's time to wake up... And open your eyes
Overloaded with lies distractions have control of your mind
It's time to wake up... And go to the light
I don't know what is right but what's precious is every moment of life
It's time to wake up.... And open your eyes
Overloaded with lies distractions have control of your mind
It's time to wake up... Sobar and bright
I don't know what is right but what's precious is every moment of life

Religions a lie we live and we die all kidding aside
Gettin wisdom to rise is the mission of my rhythm and rhyme
Diggin inside the citizens minds is symbols and signs
Conditioned by trickin your eyes but this just the tip of the ice
Deeper it goes beneath our roads deceivement is grown
Eagerly jonesing to weaken our bones and leave the control
To people who know the truth but lie when speaking of soul
Agreeing with constantines treaties and breading in mold
Forcing seperation way of tricky deception
Methodic entrapment exacted in tact with tricky exceptions
They slay us and say it's cuz sinners are wicked we quickly accept it
Actually we didn't but they'd murder us when we ask questions
Here's a book specially sentenced with hints of the essence
No description of breath it's simply fiction they've mentioned
Pre-emptively etched to make us afraid of resisiting directions
Letting us vote in hopes we don't notice they rig the elections
No way to fight em while we're under they're spell
Accomplishment and success are chimeras swelling government jails
Swift and shape shifting reptillians covered in scales
Who are only happy in heaven when our mothers in hell

It's important to clearly understand, the federal reserve is a private corporations. It is about as FEDERAL as federal express. It makes it's own polocies, and is under virtually no regulation by the US government

But don't be afraid
Arise and wake up with the motive to change
My eyelids raise up and now I'm open awake
Is it god, government or my own soul that I owe the thanks?
Not god or government I send a special thanks
To the federal reserve and the central bank
For everything including all existential rank
I never could have been without them the mental great
Thanks brother hood of light noble elite
Gnostic sect of solar dieties for seeking global defeat
Amazing enough you socially greet the vocally weak
And notedly preach that war has anecdotal reliefe
Totally breach every form of resistant existance
With systems conditioned by feudal and communistic
Religious renditions til humanity's listless
Submissive and kick us if we should ever get suspiscious
Rich and maliciously tell us your the finest
Of guys but where there's truth you find the lie and hide behind it
Declinement of mind seems to be your soul assignment
Try to imply that we'll be fine if we close our eye lids

No we wont just let ya play us
And control our minds with some shit ya made up
So ya know now our eyes wont stay shut
The night has gone the day's come it's time ta wake up

And now it's time to appreciate the Earth and all it's fascets
The mass amounts of trees and lake inertia still inactive
That nurtures dirt and ashes for if it weren't for that this
Would surely never happen it's purely mothers magic
Beauty is imagined what's truely grand is fractions
And swirls of colors clashing til the universe expanded
Equated mathamatics who's solutions are the planets
And anything that's established must have humans who demand it
Search for truth and honesty. oh ya do already? then possibly
Ya might have overlooked the cross and modern day psychology
Creating a following and dictating a monopoly
Has been broken down into a science by pagan nazi remodelling
You're so-so called democracy's hold on economy
Created every single plot we're got and caused us poverty
Life is NOT our property, solidly living's cautiously
This is a test but not a dream wake up and smell the coffee beans
Maybe lay awake in bed a sec but don't ya fall asleep
It's vital to existance that we re-construct our polocies
We're under attack the fact is over half the mass unconsciously
Is helping bring about their own demise forgot we're all a team

And they offer no apology for abolishing sovereignty
By polishing the false it seems our thoughts have long been soft and weak
Not just a loss of honesty gain of demonic prophecy
They sought division getting us pissed off over the smallest things
I'll kill you I hate you I'll never feel you or thank you
I'm real cool and great too I'll follow and will do as they do
Built out of mildue this fake truth was made to thrill move and take you
Ways through the real truth which shakes loose that they're skill is to make proof
Built to amaze you with a bunch of pretty little obects
Then they tell you that god sent some committee scribbled odd text
Spinning simple nonsense with tricky riddled context
So shifty it'll offset the lifting middle conscious
Aquitting forgiving shit in the cities inner workings inserting
A thinner version of winning slippin bitter hurt in cursing
The simply fitting certainly termed wordy quickly and urgently
Turn 3 hundred and 60 degrees and emerging

From a burnt sea of unearthly dumb ET wannabes
Elite son's of cheats and 3 kings wandering
But we need none of these greed scheme companies
Knee deep stuck in dreams easy nothin's free
Reach deep up and think what if intelligent life
Out or in space just simply wants to settle a fight
Started thousands of years before there was a pencil to write with
In metal and light entities pretend to be special and right
Mentally spite our species for gain of control
Over the whole because fer sho we won't condone how it goes
Become a clone for their goals claimed great and unkown NO
Too bad we're already sold and there aint no exchanges or loans
We all have been chained to a pole trusting what they say and expose
Loosing patience and goals until we ache and we moan
Prayin the paces would slow we're going crazy loco
Unconscious drone same shit different day is the mode
While they're straight raping your sould your brain isn't owned
It's wanes and explodes ya crave and ya hope for safety of soul
Shaping a fate that you chose can't be gained by stayin at home
Trained by the greatest of shows and faith gets replaced by remote

There's poison in our food There's poison in our air
Some poison fairly new And some poison very rare
With poison at our roots There's poison everywhere
They poison us to prove That their poison isn't there
And there aint nothin you can do except for play the fool
Cuz they rule and no matter where you aim your persuit they'll intrude
And every time ya move along the side of you
The guys you might deny exist mix lie and truth and try to prove
That you're alive and well one of a kind and swell
But man is simple just a ripple spirit lights with shells
But if in mind we dwell then their designs will fail
Then we will rise up with a might that smites devine as well
But only time will tell if man is where it ends
We have our sight and smell to interact and share with friends
We've been misguided ailed bent more than we can bare to bend
Said descendants of heaven and now we're headed there again

I'm good I'm bad I'm pretty and I'm ugly
I could I can't Be sitting doing nothing
A book A class A city in the country
A look A glance Constricting and combusting

I'm lost confused horribly disorientated
My form isn't for the support of forming cores of a nation (or is it?)
I was born as a patient morph on occasion
With forces that swarm with addiction strained opposition and changes
My only engaugement escape by bording my spaceship
Going warp speed on a course toward exploring the orbiting blankness
Catagories we've trained in morbidly lame boring and basic
Poorly contained stasus back and forth like accordians playin
More and more of the same shit war for a fortunes obtainment
Sorting through new catagories illusions thwarting your brain with
Contortings of ancient stories warnings and pages of corney outrageous
Claims that in store afford your forced conforming as painless